Mark Jenks - Owner
Landscaping in Central Texas can be a daunting challenge due to the excessive heat and lack of water. AT MJ Designs we   
have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to select just the right plants, designs, and water conservation needed to  
provide your property with a beautiful, hardy, and efficient landscape at a reasonable cost to you. Call us now for a quote.
Installed Christmas Lights
Gravel Plant Bed Feature
Owner Mark Jenks has been landscaping
since 1980. Read more about him and his
business in Horseshoe Bay Texas by
clicking the "more" button below.
Landscape designs, landscape updates,
tree and shrub trimming, irrigation, rock
& water features, custom lighting.
View our gallery of photos from some of
our most popular projects. We do
everything from basic planter beds and
water features, all the way to hanging
Christmas lights.
We can provide complete design services for you, or work directly
from your requirements. We specialize in all types of landscapes and
can provide irrigation too. Call us and let's discuss your needs.
Here we provide special news as deemed proper, for events,
special sales, hiring personnel, etc.
Mark Jenks

Mark Jenks, Owner of MJ Designs

New Deck and Side Beds

New Lawn and Rock Bed


MJ Designs Landscaping is your place to go for all your landscaping needs.

We are located in Horseshoe Bay, in the Marble Falls area of Central Texas and service  
all of the surrounding areas.

MJ Designs specializes in irrigation, rock work, water features and lighting.

We can work from your design or create a new one for you.

Give us a call today and let's discuss your needs. (512) 909-6849

Remember...what you want is what we do.

Call us today for a quote! (512) 909-6849
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